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Hoppe’s operational guarantee

According to HOPPE, a brand name product keeps its promise of quality to the enduser. As a way of ensuring this, HOPPE gives a 10-year guarantee on the mechanical operation of all door and window handles
HOPPE brand name products undergo numerous tests to ensure flawless operation. Static impact tests and durability tests are also made depending on the product type. These closely reflect the everyday knocks hardware has to take and extend beyond the tests and requirements of DIN EN 1906 or RAL-GZ 607/9.
Whereas for DIN EN 1906 and RAL-GZ 607/9 hardware is tested in isolation, HOPPE, more realistically, conducts operational tests on the door and window itself. This means that not just the function, but also the durability of the attachment between hardware and door or window, too, is tested


New York



Article number 10760935
EAN-Code 4012789609905
Country of origin Germany
CN-Code 83024150
Grade 2
Corrosion resistance 5
Diameter lug 10 mm
Spindle size 7 mm
Spindle length 32-42 mm
Spindle length 7 mm / projecting 32-42 mm
Stop position in ° 90°
Screws M5x45 mm + M5x50 mm
Finish F8707 dark brown
Range Core Product Range
Packing unit 10
Outer carton 60

HOPPE aluminium turn/tilt window handle with Secustik® and VarioFit®: