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Underfloor power distributor system

Thanks to the Underfloor power distributor system from GIFAS electrical power is available everywhere without complicated temporary installations! As with all products, we give much importance to high-quality components and workmanship.
Whether installed in- or outdoor, we provide customised solutions that will not disappoint you!



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What information is needed for bespoke design?

GIFAS provides you with tailor made, project specific drawings and spe- cifications. The following information is needed:
Please contact our local distribution partners, our Sales team or send directly an e-mail to: for project specific enquiries.

Example drawings

On page 4 – 11 you can find 4 examples (1 example of each Campetto standard model).

Realised projects in the Middle East

Hundreds of GIFAS underfloor power distributors have been installed in the Middle East in the past 15 years. Contact us for the project list.

CAMPETTO comes as a ready-to-install unit, cousting of:

1. metal floor box

2. hard rubber power distribution box

3. connection box

Square lock


Cable Outlet

Cable Protection (optional)

Filable lid

Checkered plate insert (opt.)

Water tab (optional)

Adapter plates

Fuse cover

Gas springs